Peter Pan Must Die by John Verdon

Retired police officer, Dave Gurney, is asked by Hardwick, a fellow retired police officer now a private investigator, to help prove that his client did not receive a fair trail when she was convicted of murder. Not far into the investigation Gurney realizes that it is impossible that the murder could have happened the way the police say it did. So how could she get convicted? Was it just a poor defense attorney? Was she framed? Were the police corrupt? If she didn’t do it – who did? And why?

As Gurney answers one question, twenty more open up before him.

So many mysteries are either plot driven or character driven. Verdon manages an extremely complex plot that twists and turns while building characters that are multi-dimensional, making it an absolute certainty that you will have to read all the other Gurney books.

Explaining the title would give too much away, but offers more questions.  Who is Peter Pan?  And why must he die?

If you read mysteries to see if you can solve the puzzle, this is absolutely a book you should enjoy. The solution completely holds together, the clues are all there, but they are so subtle you pass right over them. Excellent. It’s a mystery, a puzzle, a thriller – all rolled up in one nice tight package.

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  1. I have never read anything by John Verdon, but this review makes it imperative that I do.

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