The Doctor and the Dinosaurs – by Mike Resnick

This is another crazy tale in the Weird West series. Most of the regulars are here – Doc Holliday, Geronimo, Teddy Roosevelt (who prefers to be called Theodore), Ned Buntline and Thomas Edison. Wyatt Earp is absent, however.

Doc is about to die and Geronimo appears at his bedside to offer him a deal. One year of ‘recovered’ health if Doc will take on a task for him. Sounds like a good deal to Doc, not realizing that ‘recovered health’ means how he was when he first met Geronimo (which wasn’t all that great)  and that he would have to deal with dinosaurs called forth by some Comanche medicine men and two rival paleontologists. Buntline and Edison are there to invent a weapon that might bring down a whooping big dinosaur. There wasn’t as much Buntline/Edison dialogue as there had been in previous books and I missed that.

I give it only 3.5 stars instead of my usual 4 for two reasons – There were illustrations that I felt did not live up to the story or the cover art, (very disappointing) and Doc didn’t say ‘huckleberry’ even once. But I still loved it and hope that Geronimo still needs Doc.

This is steampunk American style!  Lots of fun.  Start with the first in the series, The Buntline Special and enjoy.

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