About Me

Why books?  I am a retired bookmobile librarian, avid reader, now library volunteer and writer of a mystery column in our library’s newsletter.  I will republish the columns here in the section The Mystery Corner.  I make no claims of absolute accuracy!  But, hopefully, you will find interesting tidbits that make you pick up a new author! While mysteries are my favorite genre I read just about everything… (except horror).

Why movies? I am an avid, addicted movie watcher. Action, adventure, romance, comedy, foreign, etc etc etc!

Why games? After retiring as a bookmobile librarian I opened a game and puzzle store. The games were all old-fashioned board games – no electronic, video or computer types! After 14 years I retired from that as well, but we maintain a regular game-day with friends.  I belong to a great group called the Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors.  The members comprise some of the most knowledgeable people in the field of board games, jigsaw and mechanical puzzles.  We have an excellent publication entitled The Quarterly and a convention once a year.  Visit the AGPC website at http://www.agpc.org/

What else do I do?  Watch BASEBALL!, Practice tai chi, play Go and once upon a time in my life I was an active glider pilot.

What’s in “Book Reviews”?  Individual book reviews.   Sometimes there is a single book that really stands out.

What’s in “Game Reviews?   These will all be very informal reviews of individual games.  It isn’t my intention to describe in detail how to play a game.  There are lots of sites where you will find that information.  My hope is to tell you why I like, or don’t like, a game and to share some of our game playing episodes that either had us rolling off our chairs with laughter or nearly at each others throats!

The important things about a game are:  1) how well does it play, 2) how well is it made and 3) how good is the art work and components design.  When all three of these factors are really good the game is a real “keeper” for me.

What’s in “The Game Cupboard”?  It’s like the “Mystery Corner” – lists of types of games with comments, articles about games in general… that kind of stuff.

What’s in “The Screening Roon?”  Movies are right up there with books and games when it comes to stuff I like. (Others include, of course, my family and baseball.)

Do I have a favorite genre? Probably action – lot’s of it.  Action comedy, action thrillers but other stuff ranks right up there…  Con movies, heist movies, romance, comedy and foreign films.  (Mostly what I don’t like are horror films. films about the Mafia and Woody Allen films…

In The Screening Room I’d like to mention some movies that are my favs. Especially the ‘sleepers’. I’m just going to tell you why I like them and I will try very hard not to give anything away.

If you aren’t playing a game or reading a good book – turn on a movie.

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  1. Hi Martha,

    I found the site without any difficulty. I was glad to read your review of the Coffee House series because I saw it on Amazon in passing and since I like series, collecting them as well as reading them, this one intrigued me. I will try it after I get through a pile of books I need to review.

    As for the Baker Street Brothers I like the series and have reviewed them for Deadly Pleasures. I suspect that you caught the error because you read one after another. I read them at least a year and a half apart so I didn’t catch it. I look forward to exploring this site more fully. You got me hooked.


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