Going Back a Bit ~ Older books on my shelves


The agony column was what we might call the ‘personals’ and through the use of the column our young man 1) communicates with a young woman he has fallen for after seeing her in a restaurant and 2) relates to her the story and solving of a murder. Excellent twist(s) at the end. I totally enjoyed this short novel.


The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter van Tilburg Clark

A classic. Excellent. An up-close and personal look at how mob violence can take over and what it does to those who take part in it. Very tense. Wow is all I can say.  If you like westerns, or if you enjoyed “To Kill A Mockingbird”, read this.  If you read it years ago, treat yourself and read it again.


There is a superstition that if the Barbary Apes are ever gone from Gibraltar, the British will be gone.

Scruffy takes place at the beginning of WWII. The number of apes is falling rapidly much to the delight of German propaganda. Prime Minister Churchill recognizing the terrible effect their loss would have on the forces moral, issues a memo saying that he is concerned about the continued well-being of the apes and that their numbers should be maintained at 24. (He actually did this – fact, not fiction) The numbers are already below 24. Suddenly the only hope is to have Scruffy mate and produce an off-spring.

Scruffy is the mean, cantankerous male ape of one of the two ape packs on the Rock. His intended is Amelia.

The story is often crazily funny, but it is also a tender love story. Both officers charged with the caring for the apes fall in love, and eventually so does Scruffy.

Gallico is a consumate story teller. Scruffy is a delight to read.

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