Game Day on the Mountain

Hopefully our game days are back on track. We had quite a good time this past weekend. Normally we play our new games first – getting over the learning curve while our minds are still fresh.

Our first game was Deadwood Game - Deadwoodfrom Fantasy Flight. It was pretty easy to pick up. Light strategy. It is for 2 – 5 players. The company says from 13 yrs old and up. I see no reason why a game-savvy 8 year old would have problems with it. Certainly a 9 or 10 year old would find it easy to learn. The game is attractive with nice quality playing pieces. I would recommend it for a family game, or a game when friends get together and want something light, but with more chew than a ‘party game’.

Next up was Professor Pugnacious; Professor Pugnaciousbought because the steampunk element appealed to me. We didn’t play the game because the rule book was totally confusing, talking as if we all knew how the game was played, and had only one drawing that didn’t even show the layout. This is a bit confusing because one review on boardgamegeek had the following: “I actually really liked this Rule Book. You get a short overview of how the game is played. Then, a more detailed section in the same format. This is brilliant. The book uses good examples and includes full color photos. The book has an old time feel to it. Overall, I really did like this rule book and thought it was fantastic. Playing the game, I had a few questions but I was able to use common sense and work most of it out.” Maybe the rule book got left out of our box. I will check into that, but we couldn’t play the game with what we had.

We played The Downfall of Pompeii; it was a re-visit as we have played it before and really enjoyed it. Kill Dr Lucky cardsKill Dr. Lucky, the card game version, was a new game but since we have played the board game version it wasn’t difficult to pick up. The graphics and the card quality were very good. Zen Garden had some confusing directions as well because there are two games you can play, Zen Garden and Rock Garden, but the rule booklet didn’t make clear which rules were for which game. We enjoyed it and hoped we were playing it correctly.

The winner of the evening was Carcassonne South Seas. In fact, I would judge this as the best of all the Carcassonne games. Game - Carcassone South SeasMore elements, more strategy – my favorite.

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