Worth Adding to Your Game Closet

This past spring the AGPC (Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors) annual convention was held in Saratoga Springs, NY.  During the event, one of the new members brought in a game to play named ANOMIA.  This is a Canadian game, and a holder of the Mensa Select seal.

In this game, everyone is playing all the time.  You must really be   alertBox & four cards and think fast.  It’s fun, everyone winds up shouting and laughing in equal parts.


Number of players: 3 to 6 (four is a good number)

Ages: 10 and up (One rare time I think the age recommendation is right)

Length of game: about 30 minutes.


Method of play: Cards are turned up one at a time by each player. Players must watch carefully to spot a card turned up by an opposing player that contains a symbol that matches the symbol on the card in front of them.  When the symbols match you must be the first to call out an item that fits the category on the other players card.  If there is a wild card also in play the cards may match via the symbols on the wild card.  In the image shown the wild card has a green cross and a purple wave.  The player with the purple wave card (Planet) must call out an item from the green cross card (Orchestral Instrument) before the other player.  So the person with the purple card might call out “Flute” before the green cross holder could shout out “Earth”.


It sounds easy, but somehow your brain gets all bogged down. If you enjoy word games this is one you should try.  It makes a great “ice breaker” since the concept and rules are easy.

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