The Walt Longmire Series by Craig Johnson

The Cold Dish:

This first book in the series introduces you to all the main characters and gives you a real taste of all the wonderful books yet to come from this wonderful writer.  You could classify the series as ‘modern westerns’, ‘police procedurals’ or just plain ol’ mysteries, but there is nothing ‘plain’ about them.  Johnson creates characters that are totally alive and lots of fun to know; they can sometimes bring a smile to your face, a quiet chuckle or even make you laugh out loud.

There are several ‘good guys’ that I would like to find at my door if I were ever in trouble: Jack Reacher, Alex McKnight, Elvis Cole…  Longmire has joined the list; possibly moving right to the top.

Junkyard Dogs:

This was my introduction to Johnson’s mystery series. I am going to go back and read all of them. I may even buy the set. The books are written with humour, and depth. The characters are well developed and you feel you know them all. Excellent mystery.

As the Crow Flies:

Walt Longmire remains one of my favorite characters. In this book, Walt and his friend Henry “The Cheyenne Nation” witness a woman fall from a cliff.

When it comes to describing what makes the Longmire series so enjoyable I am reminded of the poetic line, “Let me count the ways”…

– Good plotting: you must read to the end to learn the how and why.
– Great characters: Whether it is Longmire’s wit, or his battle with Rezdawg, Henry’s truck, every character is totally alive on these pages. I love all of Herbert His Good Horse’s Indian jokes.
– Great location: The Cheyenne Reservation and all its inhabitants are perfectly drawn – not merely sketched.

Don’t judge these books by the television series, they are so much better. Great mysteries with a thread of humor that just makes them light up.

Hell Is Empty:

This book is a little different from the others.  Longmire takes off, alone,  after an escaped prisoner.  The chase leads up into the mountains, in the winter, so his usual side-kicks have a smaller role that usual.  It’s a gripping page turner.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I will suggest that you wear you winter coat while you read.

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