Games We Are Playing

We get together with another couple every other month for a long day and evening of food. games and laughter…. or is it games, food and laughter….

We always get acquainted with a couple of new games but some of those are becoming “standards”.

FINCA is one of them. Designed by Ralf zur Linde & Wolfgang Sentker and published by Rio Grande Games this game is for 2 – 4 players, ages 10+  and lasts 45 – 60 minutes.  I love this game.  Don’t know why, don’t think I have ever won, but it is beautiful, strategic and offers plenty of chances to “do it to the other players”.

Don’t be alarmed at the seven pages of instructions.  They are loaded with illustrations and examples.  You will be amazed, though, at how simple the play is, yet how challenging.

MARRAKECH is a game from Gigamic, based on a design by Dominique Ebhard. This game is a placement strategy game, the board is a market place and the pieces are “carpets”, colorful rectangles of felt that represent rugs.  As you move the rug merchant around the board you get to lay down pieces of your carpet color, trying to create a pathway for others to land on because they must “pay” you if they do.  You also try to cover opponents carpets because the amount of the payment when you land on someone’s carpet is based on how many connected pieces of carpet your opponent has.  It’s for 2 – 4 players.  Younger kids 6+ can play it, but their strategy will get better with experience and age.    

The other new game we really enjoy is WASABI.  This one ~  not only have I not won yet,  ~ I have finished in last place in every game!  But it is a cool game, nevertheless.  Designed by Josh Cappel and Adam Gertzbein it is published by Z-Man.  Very, very nice pieces.  You are chef’s trying to create Japanese menus.  The bigger the menu you can complete, the more points and wasabi pieces you get.  It is a placement strategy game.  For 2- 4 players, ages 10+ it takes about 30 – 45 min to play.  (Longer if there is a player like myself, who is totally stymied when every conceived plan gets sabotaged by one of the other players and they can’t figure out what in the world to do.)

I should mention that we throw in the occasional easier game.

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