Top Reads of 2011

I KNOW!  The year isn’t over yet and I might read a fantastic book that should be on this list.  But November and December can start to get kind of crazy so I am listing the books I have enjoyed the most during 2011.  As there are 12 months in a year, I have made up 12 categories.

It is difficult to pick the “best” books you have read.  What defines “best”?  So my list is merely the books I have enjoyed reading the most.

1.  The books that really moved me:

Coal Black Horse – Robert Olmstead

Rose in a Storm – John Katz

The Lotus Eaters – Tatjana Soli


2.  The books that made me laugh out loud:

Stephanie Plum series – Janet Evanovich

Old Dogs (they really ought to make a movie of this one! Maggie Smith would be great as one of the ladies.) – Donna Moore


3.  Best “Vermont” books:

The Voyages of Brian Seaworthy – Ralph Nading Hill

Heron Island – R. A. Harold


4.  The most fun I had with books:

Rat Pack series – Robert Randisi

The Buntline Special – Mike Resnick

Murder Your Darlings – J. J. Murphy


5.  Best introductions to mystery writers that I hadn’t read before:

The Junkyard Dogs – Craig Johnson

40 Words for Sorrow – Giles Blunt


6.  The Non-Fiction that I enjoyed the most:

The Curse of the Narrows – Laura MacDonald

Bottom of the 33rd   – Dan Berry


7.  General Fiction I really enjoyed:

Doc – Mary Doria Russell

The Book of Fires – Jane Borodale

Tale of an Unknown Island – Jose Saramago


8.  Best Children’s Book:

The Trouble with Chickens – Doreen Cronin


9.  Best Books Added to my Collection:

The Book of Games – Jack Bottermans

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon


10.   Best Re-Reads

Nero Wolfe mysteries – Rex Stout


11.  Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Book

A Madness of Angels – Kate Griffin (Catherine Webb)


12.  Biggest Disappointment:

Ghost Story – Jim Butcher





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