Do you know your library’s worth?

For those of us who are avid readers the local library is a source of hours and hours of pleasure.  These days a library is far more than books…  you will find movies, audio books, computers, computer classes, art galleries, meeting rooms, fun programs and lots of other great stuff.

What is your library worth to YOU?  Do you have any idea?  Click on this link which will take you to a calculator that will show you exactly what its worth to you.  Fill in what you do or what you use during a visit to the library over the course of a year.  Be prepared for a shock.  When I did it, I found that my local library saves me approximately $8000 a year.

So what can you give back to your library?  Every library needs funds, so the most obvious gift you can give is money.  Most libraries also need volunteers to do everything from shelving books to running programs to serving on the board of trustees.  Donations of tangible items also help.  Donate books you would like to move off your shelves at home, movies, games, puzzles… or find out if your librarian has a “wish list”.  People at our library have donated a digital camera and a new book cart among other things.

Don’t wait for a national library week!  Let your librarian know how much the service means to you, right now. Donate your time and/or your money. Be a spokesperson for your library.  Every library needs advocates.

Most of all –  if you know someone who doesn’t use the library… give them a wonderful gift.  Take them with you the next time you visit your library.

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