Mystery Games In My Cupboard

Books, Movies and Board Games…  you can never have too many.  And if you have them life can not be dull or boring.  And if you don’t include them in your life, I am convinced, you leave yourself open to stress and all it’s side effects of ill health – physical and mental.

Since I have started doing the mystery column.  I  began thinking about all those mystery board games in my collection.  I have at least 30 (the ones I can see without too much moving stuff and not including the spy types) and after thinking it over I would have to say that CLUE is still our favorite.

For the Holmes fans, I must say that I have 5 Sherlock Holmes games, made by different companies and including a card game.

Here’s the list:

Nuns on the Run
Sherlock Holmes (5)
Mr. Ree
Alfred Hitchcock’s Why
Where There’s A Will
Who Stole Ed’s Pants
Mystery Express
Murder on the Orient Express
Philip Marlow Detective GAme
Mystery on the Nile
Mystery in the Abbey
Mystery Rummy
Kojak the Stakeout Game
221B Baker Street (4 versions)
Clue (at least 7 versions)
Clue Master Detective
Clue Museum Caper
Kill Dr Lucky (a mystery in reverse)
Totort: Nactexpress
Crime Club
Crime Solvers

Scotland Yard
There’s the list – sometime it would be good to have a mystery marathon and play them all… While I said that CLUE is our favorite,  I would put Mystery of the Abbey, Kill Dr. Lucky, and Mystery Express as other favorites.

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