Kings Cribbage

Type of game:  Board game

Number of Players:  2 – 4

Length of Play:  approximately 30 minutes

Age Range:  8 to adult

Release Date:  1999

Learning curve:  easy

Difficulty/Challenge:  medium

Level of Fun:  high

Game players continually form “house rules” and a game changes over time, but it usually remains similar in nature to the original game.  Rarely do you see a good game that is a combination of two other successful, but vastly different, games.

Kings Cribbage™ was introduced at the New York Toy Fair, in 1999, by a company called COCOCO. It looked like a form of Scrabble™ and my first reaction to the game was, “Cribbage players will never go for it.  They are purists!”  Everyday I walked past the game and thought the same thing.  Finally I stopped and asked for a demonstration of how it was played.  I was hooked!

The game is very easy to learn.  The instructions are very clear and easy to understand.  Instead of having letter tiles and forming words, the tiles are ace, one, two, three through jack, queen, king and you must form cribbage hands.  Every tile played must count towards points in a cribbage hand (it must help form a total of 15 points, is part of a pair(s) or part of a run). It can be very challenging to score the best possible points.  To win you must have the highest score when the tile bag is empty and no one can play any more tiles.  Just as in Scrabble™ any tiles you can’t use count against you.

Kings Cribbage™ is a personal favorite of mine.  I am totally convinced that it has helped my cribbage playing as well.  I see more ways of scoring now than I did before. We have taught several people how to play cribbage by introducing them to this game and several friends who don’t care for Scrabble™ love Kings Cribbage™.  All our cribbage playing family and friends love the game.  I recommend it!

The box is strong.  The wood tiles come in a bag with a velcro closure. The board has ridges so that the tiles don’t slide around.  It’s well done.

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  1. Great post on a fun variation of the game–

    If you like cribbage, check out my website, I am posting excerpts of a book I am writing of the same name of the history and legacy of cribbage in America. I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

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